About me


I am a software engineer at Business & Decision as a Symfony2 developer. Code quality, good practices and performances are the aspects of the projects I like to particularly take care of.


My first contact with informatics was in year 2000, when we got our first family computer. Mostly interested in games and entertainments at first, I really started to dig into the arcanis of developments at 16 with Visual Basic, so I could create a minesweeper game. At that time I was finishing college and got into the french classes préparatoires so I could eventually enter in an engineering school, still not sure of what I wanted to do for a living.

Two years later, in 2008, I entered the school Centrale in Lille after a summer full of C, C++ and web programing tutorials. While the school is not specifically teaching informatics, I followed the path that was up front and got into two internships making C++ application with Qt on embedded systems, in France and in Bangalore, India. My last year in engineering school was mostly about technology, with classes like Java, Ada and e-business.

In 2011, I am hired as a web developer at Smile, an IT services group delivering projects based on open source technologies. I worked in the e-business team and learned my job from a wide variety of skilled people who taught me a lot about the job. I worked on Magento projects but also realized performance and quality audits for clients who needed to bring their project to the next level.

A few years later, in order to widen my skills with different kinds of projects, I left Smile and was hired at Business & Decision, in the Interakting agency. I am now working on Symfony applications, so I can improve my skills in object oriented programming, package design, and work in a brand new environment.